Wanted to announce a few shows coming up in July. July 18th – 20th we will be playing Three shows with our comrades, Voodoo Glowskulls. July 18 in Ramona at Ramona Mainstage. July 19 in Phoenix at the Crescent Ballroom and July 20th in Long Beach at DiPiazza! Get your tickets early. We look forward to hanging out and getting rowdy!

Stoked to announce that we have a couple shows coming up in January!

You can get tickets for the Casbah show here

So if you didn’t know… Our trombone master, Dan Albert, is currently on tour with Voodoo Glowskulls. They are in the middle of a 30 day run across the USA. They are currently in Florida for the next few days, then head west to New Orleans and  TX. Get out and support VGS! …and while you are at it, buy Dan a beer. We miss him!
Here’s a recent video of VGS playing “Drunk Tank” at the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. Check out Eddie on stage left rocking his sweet new Charvel guitar.

So as long as we have been a band, we’ve always talked about how cool it would be to play 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley. When we were just starting to spread our wings and tour in the early 90’s, we were enamored by bands like Op Ivy, Green Day and Crimpshine. Those guys were trailblazers and all played at 924 Gilman Street. Although we played many a show in Berkeley and recorded an album in Berkeley, for whatever reason, we never played at 924 Gilman Street.

So here we are 20 years later and we are super stoked to announce that we are playing 924 Gilman Street on Sunday, July 21. Also playing that night: Jokes For Feelings, Imposters (SF), Skandalism, and Defunked (Riverside). See you then!


Hello Modesto Friends! It’s been awhile, but we are finally coming back. Saturday night, July 20th we are playing at Hero’s. It’s on the corner of 9th Street and L street. Heard they have a pretty rad brewery too. Let’s get rowdy!

Buck-O-Nine at Hero's Modesto

To all our Las Vegas friends, we are coming to see you on Friday July 19th. It’s our first time playing at the Hard Rock Live on the Strip. Let’s get rowdy!

Buck-O-Nine in Las Vegas

Hello Phoenicians, Tucsonians and all Arizonians. It’s been about 8 months or so since we saw you last. Really looking forward to our show on Thursday, July 18th at The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. Hope to see you there!

Buck-O-Nine Crescent Ballroom

We are super excited to be a part of the 91X 30th anniversary show at House of Blues! The line up is stellar: All local bands from here in San Diego including: Slightly Stoopid, POD, Buck-O-Nine, The Rugburns, Vokab Company and Sprung Monkey. Hope to see you there!